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Why is working for Katahdin Group different from other consultancy models?

First and foremost, we invest in you.

Many other models for peer groups and executive training operate on a "pay to play" basis and require you to make a significant financial investment in order to be trained to deliver services. If they do provide training at no cost, you are often immediately put out on your own to "eat what you kill."  With this approach, you must function as both an entrepreneur and a salesperson in order to grow your practice before you even get the chance to have an impact on CEOs in your true capacity of a strategic facilitator. And if you can't hunt and sell new clients quickly enough, you could be out before you even get started.

At Katahdin Group we bring you on as a member of our team. We want you to focus on doing great quality work, first and foremost, more than meeting numbers or metrics. We are not a training company. We are not a pyramid structure. We are not a franchise. Instead, we are an organization dedicated to finding the best talent who can consistently deliver our quality services to our prized clients.

And we don’t just talk about support. We have people behind you every step of the way to help you succeed. We provide you with access to our training certification programs and all the tools you need to be successful, plus you have the chance to contribute to building and improving the tools and processes based on what you know and learn along the way.

Because we are a boutique shop with a nimble team, there is a unique opportunity for you to make a difference in building and growing our offerings. That's what it means to be on the team.

"I love working with Katahdin Group because it gives me the ability to influence meaningful and direct positive changes for organizations. CEOs can have a huge impact on their teams. By helping them grow in their role and refine their strategy and skills, I not only get to make a difference for the CEO, but also for the people in his or her company. Maximum impact. Pretty cool results!"
Mark Hatton
Strategic Facilitator and CEO Advisor

Here are a few answers to your questions about the Strategic Facilitator role...

Who is a Strategic Facilitator Affiliate (SFA)?
Someone who delivers our high quality programs and services to our clients.

What services do SFAs deliver?
SFAs can deliver some or all of our services. See our list of services here.

What types of individuals succeed in the role?
See our "best fit" profiles below.

What is expected of me?
We expect our SFAs to embrace the mutual goal of delivering consistent, high-quality services by leveraging our methodologies and tools, while pulling from their own experiences.

Specifically, we expect:

  • Ownership of IP - You agree not to give away our IP
  • High quality delivery using our methods
  • Feedback on how we can improve our methods
  • Continual learning and staying sharp on current trends

What is the qualification criteria?
See our qualifications below.

What training and support is provided for SFAs?
Depending on the program(s) you will deliver, you will receive in person instructor-led training on our unique methodology which is supplemented by our online training platform. We will provide:

  • Training in our unique model where we put delivery first
  • Compensation based on specific contracts
  • Support from a terrific team
  • Opportunities to grow, learn and make an impact
  • Monitoring of client satisfaction/client reviews

What makes Katahdin Group a unique company to work for?
We offer our staff and affiliates opportunities to grow, learn and take on new roles as the company expands.

Best fit profiles

Excellent Strategic Facilitators get results by combining real-world experience with consultant-level rigor. Here are the profiles we find are a best fit for the role.


You've been there before. You've faced many of the same challenges that our CEO clients will. You know what it is to win...and to lose...and how it all comes down to making good decisions. You're looking to make a career change and want to take on a new role, either full-time or part-time in retirement or combined with other work. You want to make a difference, do some giving back -- all while keeping your saw sharp.

Working for Katahdin Group will provide you with the chance to change gears. You'll maximize your impact across many companies, not just one. And you'll have the support of the team behind you. Your experience will be valued and your ideas and vision will be welcomed as we work together to refine, improve and add to our products and services. You'll enjoy seeing growth and results experienced by the CEOs you work with, without the demanding schedule of being a CEO of your own company. You'll have more time for family and other pursuits, while still doing what you love and are so skilled at after many years of practice.


You've worked for a large consulting firm. With rigor, patience, and insight, you helped countless C-level clients find greater success. But you're ready for a change. You're tired of the travel schedule, or maybe bored with the methodology. You're highly motivated and want to use all the skills you've honed to help businesses succeed, but need a more balanced schedule than the large firm can provide. You have great ideas to share and want to contribute.

Working for Katahdin Group will give you great clients to work with, in new and exciting ways. You'll have the chance to build teams with CEOs and facilitate conversations that lead to results. Without sacrificing the rigor that is built into you after your years of consulting, you will enjoy a more manageable schedule, that includes flex-time. And because you're working for a boutique firm, you will have the chance to contribute to the team and influence our products and services in a way you never could at a larger company.


You put the hard work into getting your MBA and have been grinding away, in the corporate world or in venture capital, private equity or investment banking. You've learned a ton. You've had real business results, whether it be in strategy, sales, marketing, operations or another key part of the organization. You've worked closely with CEOs and know how they think and communicate. You are familiar with the types of issues they face. You know how to listen to them and how to lead a meaningful strategic discussion. You love to work. You love to make an impact, but you are looking to get out of the grind and do something new and interesting with your skills.

Working for Katahdin Group will provide you with a chance to use the executive-level skills you've acquired and the knowledge you've gained to help CEOs of multiple companies find greater success and satisfaction. And all while you enjoy a more flexible schedule. You'll also have the opportunity to apply your expertise to the development of Katahdin Group, from process... to sales...to products. You'll be on a team that values your insights and supports you...as you support our clients.


You don't have to have all the answers. Your role is not to be the expert. But you do need to have the experience, knowledge and ability to lead thoughtful discussions with CEOs that help them make tough and important decisions.

Here are some specifics on what we're looking for in a candidate for Strategic Facilitator:

  1. You are a credible and seasoned senior professional with experience that is viewed as valuable and relevant by our CEO clients, network and team.
  2. You have C-Suite facilitation experience.
  3. You have acumen in strategic planning and leadership development.
  4. You are able to influence a C-level professional, in that you can "sell" an idea or POV and coach execs to consider different and new ways of thinking or solving problems.
  5. You are instinctively drawn to our mission, our model and our values.
  6. You believe that this opportunity is an excellent fit for you, based on your personal and professional goals.
  7. You can leave your ego at the door.
Continue the conversation

Interested in continuing the conversation? If you see yourself in the profiles listed above and meet the qualifications, we want to talk.

The process starts with an email.

1. Tell us about yourself and your interest in the Strategic Facilitator role.

2. Send a current resume or link to your LinkedIn profile.

3. Send your answers to the follow questions:

  • What attracts you to the Strategic Facilitator role?
  • Why do you think you will be successful in the role?
  • What questions do you have for us?

For more information, contact Erin Mullen, Managing Director.

Once we receive your message, we will be in touch shortly, either via email or phone.


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