Programs that help CEOs and C-level executives reach the next level
We offer an integrated suite of time-proven programs designed to help CEOs and C-level executives excel in leadership and grow their businesses. Our programs are process-driven, focused and highly effective at driving results.
Katahdin Operates On Three Foundational Pillars
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“I get direct, candid, actionable feedback from 8-10 CEOs that provides me with a different viewpoint that we can leverage in our organization to help drive efficiency and most importantly, growth.”
Dave MacKeen
CEO, Eliassen Group
Member since 2010
Peer group
CEO Collective
Our CEO peer groups run on transparency and candid feedback from other smart leaders. Process-driven meetings using the Katahdin Group’s case method, allow CEOs to efficiently and collaboratively solve their challenges with a table of their peers. With the insights received, CEOs gain inspiration and move forward with confidence to the next level.
peer group
Key Executive Collective
Like the CEO Collective, our C-Suite peer groups help top executives become better leaders by facing their challenges and embracing new opportunities. Members learn to drive their part of the business forward more decisively by receiving candid feedback and fresh insights. And they are held accountable by their peers, helping them to stay focused on their goals and progress.
“The ability to use a team that's not biased in all the answers to help you solve problems. Hearing their perspective from a completely different viewpoint, has really helped me think outside the box.”
Vicki Evans
COO/CFO, W.F. Young
Member since 2018
“The Katahdin process for strategic planning is really better than any other process that I’ve found.”
Chuck Cohen
Managing Director, Benco Dental
Member since 2016
Strategic Planning
Strategic Ascent
Our strategic planning process brings together input from the CEO and leadership team to drive alignment, clarity and execution. Our skilled facilitators follow a proven process to get teams to the right goals, drive motivation to execute and improve strategic acumen. From planning to governance, teams have everything needed to be successful.
Peer group + Strategic Planning
High Impact
The High Impact program combines the CEO Collective and Strategic Leaders programs resulting in a tight annual plan, maximum leadership team alignment, a proven internal process for driving it forward and the accountability of CEO peers and one to two strategic facilitators to help clear obstacles and keep the CEO on track.
“The High Impact Program has allowed us to have full alignment to achieve all our strategic goals.”
Jaime McKinley
CEO, W.F. Young
Member since 2018

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