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Process-Driven CEO Peer Groups that Tackle Your Challenges and Challenge Your Assumptions

Our CEO Collective peer groups are focused on getting you to where you want to be - the next level. The invitation to join is only extended to CEOs who are growing their businesses and are eager to learn and grow themselves. Members show up and bring their full selves to the table.

When you are a part of a CEO Collective peer group, you are surrounded by people who truly understand the challenges you are facing and are willing to share from their experience. With direct feedback from your peers on key issues your business is facing, you can make decisions more rapidly and thoughtfully.

Our meetings are tightly run and follow a case review process ensuring members have a forum to get candid and thoughtful feedback from their peers.

Some of the tough questions our members bring to the table in cases include:

  • How do I know where to invest and where to pull back?
  • Do I have the right business model, processes and organizational structure to effectively grow the business?
  • When and how should I successfully address complex people issues?
  • What is the right sales strategy? M&A strategy? Financing strategy?
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What sets the CEO Collective apart?

While there are many factors that make us unique and highly effective, here are the top 7 things that set us apart from the others...

  1. Meeting attendance is not optional, and preparation is required
  2. Our 1:1 support sessions with a Strategic Facilitator help members prep for meetings
  3. Our structured methodology and tools, refined by input from CEOs over the course of 20 years, are proven to drive results
  4. Our meetings are high-impact because they are structured with cases and feedback--no guest speakers or open discussions
  5. Our Strategic Facilitators are seasoned executives. All CEO peer groups are run by former CEOs and every facilitator is  certified and committed to consistent program quality and driving results
  6. We prioritize in-person interactions 
  7. We offer access to our full network of CEOs through an annual CEO Retreat, an online member-only app, and regular all network online events
"You get direct, candid, actionable feedback from 8-10 CEOs. I can go back to my leadership team and give a different viewpoint that we can leverage in our organization to help efficiency and most importantly, growth."
Dave MacKeen
Eliassen Group
Member since
What it takes to be a member

To qualify, you must meet the following criteria...

You run a great, growing company, poised for future success. Your company meets the $5M minimum revenue criteria and is profitable (or on a clear path to reach these criteria).
You are a CEO committed to actively driving strategy and growth. You are in a position to work on the business, seeking continued leverage, and are thoughtful and proactive with time management.
You are a CEO with integrity, experience and an open mind. You have much to share to help your peers, but are also eager and open to learn from their experiences.

Our thoughtful member selection process ensures that our program is worth your time and will have an impact. We only work with CEOs and companies where we can partner to drive successful business results. By curating a Collective of successful CEOs and companies, everyone wins.

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Why CEOs make time for our peer groups

Annual CEO 
Retreat & Awards

The Annual CEO Retreat and Awards gives our members the chance to enjoy and be enriched by meaningful time spent with the full network of their peers. This is a members-only retreat that includes a fun social evening and a day of eye-opening discussion around highly relevant topics.
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Meet some of our CEO Collective members
Our members are carefully selected for their experience, strategic acumen, proven record of success, promise of future success, and importantly, their "humble confidence."
Kevin Routhier
Founder & CEO
Member since
Matt Miller
MAC Wholesale
President & COO
Member since
Andy Baldacci
Member since
Benj Cohen
Member since
James Cabot
Member since
Salvatore Russello
New England Biolabs
Member since
Kenneth Forasté
The Coyle Company
Member since
Paul Gurizzian
Ducker Carlisle
Member since
Meet our CEO Collective facilitators
Our CEO Collective faciliators are all former CEOs who ran successful businesses. They know the "ins" and "outs" of the CEO job. They've lived the highs and lows and are seasoned guides for other CEOs on their journeys.

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