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Meet the Katahdin Group Team
Our team is made up of smart, caring, passionate people committed to helping CEOs reach their fullest potential. We are serious about our clients and about our shared values that include transparency, ownership and humor. We work hard, enjoy each each other and rejoice in seeing our CEOs win.
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As a team member of Katahdin Group you have a unique opportunity to contribute to and share in the impact that we make in the lives of CEOs and all of those who work in their companies. In order to help you be successful in your role, we go above and beyond to provide you with training, tools, and overall support.
Become a Strategic Facilitator
Are you a former CEO, a C-Suite professional or a seasoned consultant with a successful history of working closely with the CEO to drive results? We invite you to learn more.
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Explore Current Staff Careers
Are you a talented and motivated team player who wants to put your hard-earned skills to work to make a difference in a great company? We invite you to learn more.
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