The Top 10 Things We Do Better
We strategically facilitate. This means we don’t simply keep time and take notes, we work with you, the CEO, to strategically facilitate getting your organization from point A to point B. We focus on moving the ball forward and we add result measures to everything we do.
We hire and train seasoned, experienced facilitators. Our facilitators are C-levels who value collaboration and hard work on behalf of the client over being recognized as an expert.
We seek out and only work with the best of the best CEOs. We like to learn from smart CEOs and share what we learn. We don’t do turn-arounds or behavioral coaching. We help growing companies continue to grow.
We keep and grow with our clients. This is the best sign that what we offer is valued. Our clients stick around. And because our CEOs value what we do, they evangelize for the network.
We connect dots for our CEOs. We facilitate valuable connections between our CEOs, based on how they can help and learn from each other. Sometimes it's advice, sometimes it’s a tool, sometimes it’s a service partner referral. We know our clients well, so we can make smart connections.
We believe in baby steps. We know the value of scoping and timing to drive execution success. We don’t oversell or complicate. We recommend what you need depending on where you are in your journey and we plan to go for the ride with you.
We understand the role of the CEO and the challenges that come with it. Whatever your challenges, we’ve probably seen them before or have someone in the network who has. With that kind of support, we enable you to make better decisions and avoid pitfalls.
We live by our values. A few of those include being bold, being transparent and sincerely caring about our clients and their success—that means, we are not afraid to ask the tough questions.
We structure and offer successful, relevant and impactful programs. We believe our programs are what every CEO needs to do their job well. We refine them in conjunction with CEO clients. And better yet, they are integrated and work with each other for greater impact.
We improve CEOs success by helping them get things done quickly and smartly. This is the bottom line of why we exist. We are here to help you succeed. We take your success personally.

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