KEy executive collective / peer group

C-Suite Peer Groups that Accelerate Growth, Alignment and Leadership Skills for Top Executives

This highly effective program for executive leaders was designed at the request of our CEO members.

Our CEO Collective clients were so convinced of the benefits of our peer groups, they asked us to create a similar program for their top people.

The Key Executive Collective exposes members of a leadership team to peer groups that focus on business strategy and are structured in the same way as the CEO Collective -- promoting alignment between the CEO and their key exec. 

The peer groups are composed of a variety of CEO direct reports, including Presidents, COOs, CTOs, CFOs and CMOs. They all have one thing in common - a powerful influence on strategy.

If you are a CEO with interest in the Key Executive Program for your "right hand", or are yourself a strategic executive seeking a network like ours, we'd love to talk with you.

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I am so grateful to my colleagues in the Key Executive Collective. We build a special bond as we support and challenge one another in facing our toughest business cases. The group elevates all who participate!
Brian McKean
VP of Sales
Lexia Learning
Member since
Why executives make time for our peer groups

Annual CEO Retreat & Awards

The Annual CEO Retreat and Awards gives our members the chance to enjoy and be enriched by meaningful time spent with the full network of their peers. This is a members-only retreat that includes a fun social evening and a day of eye-opening discussion around highly relevant topics.
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Meet some of our Key Executive Collective members
Our Key Executive members are driven and growth focused. They want to be their best and are open to receiving direct feedback from their peers that helps them to make smarter choices as they lead.
Michelle Marshall
Berkheimer Tax Innovations
VP of Tax Innovations
Member since
Motaz Khader
Allegro MicroSystems
Director Global Business Development
Member since
Mikayla Archambeau
First Page Sage
Member since
Matt Comstock
Director of Operations
Member since
Vicki Evans
W.F. Young
Member since
John Bojko
Member since
Ian Baynes
Watts Water Technologies
Director Product Management
Member since
Angela Bolduc
Milliman IntelliScript
Principal & Managing Director
Member since
Meet Key Executive Collective facilitators
Our Key Executive Strategic Faciliators come to the table with years of experience in executive level roles. They are here to help members ask themselves the tough questions and to be a support as they face the challenges and opportunities inherent in the career of a C-level executive.

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