High impact

Acceleration Program Designed for CEOs Who Want to Maximize Results

By combining the CEO Collective peer groups with Strategic Ascent strategy facilitation, CEOs get an integrated and holistic approach to strategy and growth.

High Impact produces a laser-focused direction and strategy, maxim alignment of the leadership team in order to move the plan forward with clarity and speed, and the support of a CEO peer group to help keep it on track.

Some of the challenges that bring CEOs to High Impact include:

  • How do I create a multiplier effect on my efforts to develop, implement and follow through on strategy?
  • Where do I get accountability to drive our plan?
  • How do I make sure our strategy gets executed?
  • How to I overcome the inevitable hurdles throughout the year?
  • How do I ensure the team is aligned to our goals?
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What can you expect from the high impact program?

Some of the benefits this program offers are...

  1. A strategic partner – You’ll have an invested former CEO Strategic Facilitator with you through the whole process. This is not a parachute in and out situation. We are committed to your success 365 days a year 
  2. Fine-tuned plans – With the support of the CEOs in your Collective, you’ll fine tune plans and move them forward with more clarity and speed 
  3. Accountability from your peers – The CEOs in your Collective will hold you accountable to your plan and problem solve with you when you hit roadblocks 
  4. On target and timely feedback By presenting cases regularly in the CEO Collective meetings, your fellow CEOs and Strategic Facilitator will have a deep knowledge of your business and be well equipped to give strong input as you move into your annual planning period 
  5. Leadership team alignment – You will have common language, process and tools within your organization that will align your leadership team around the strategy and drive it through the entire company
“The strategic facilitator will get under the hood of the entire business and push you, the CEO, and the management team to do things you never know you could do in ways you never knew you could do them."
Chuck Cohen
Managing Director
Benco Dental
Member since
A sample of the High Impact Toolkit

When we facilitate strategic planning with our clients we bring a powerful portfolio of trademarked "CEO tested, CEO approved" tools to the table to support the multi-level phases of the process.

The High Impact Toolkit Includes:

Strategic Ascent

  • Structured leadership team prep documents
  • CEO Direction Deck™ 
  • One-page Katahdin Strategic Scorecard™ and metrics
  • Operational dashboard and functional plans
  • Action plans
  • Katahdin Case™ methodology to drive results

CEO Collective

  • Katahdin Group CEO Collective Methodology™
  • CEO Annual Strategic Plan™
  • CEO Strategic Scorecard ™
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Annual CEO 
Retreat & Awards

The Annual CEO Retreat and Awards gives our members the chance to enjoy and be enriched by meaningful time spent with the full network of their peers. This is a members-only retreat that includes a fun social evening and a day of eye-opening discussion around highly relevant topics.
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Meet some of our High Impact CEO members
CEO members who engage in High Impact are looking to excelerate growth and have a more cohesive strategy for how they will get there. They recognize the power of a tightly aligned team, a clear and actionable plan and the support of their peers to hold them accountable.
Jason Maxwell
Member since
Melissa Gordon
MGX Beverage Group
President & CEO
Member since
Raj Indupuri
eClinical Solutions LLC
Member since
Chris Vickers
STARC Systems
President & CEO
Member since
James Cabot
Member since
Andrew Graff
Allen & Gerritsen
Member since
Dave MacKeen
Eliassen Group
Member since
Jaime McKinley
W.F. Young
Member since
Meet our High Impact facilitators

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