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My peer group and the strategic planning process were pivotal in helping me manage unprecedented growth.
Chris Vickers, CEO of STARC Systems
Chris Vickers
STARC Systems
President & CEO
Member since
"With the support of my peers, and the rigorous case process of the CEO Collective, I addressed critical questions that shaped the company's response to unprecedented growth. The Strategic Ascent program helped me to align my team around strategy and achieve remarkable milestones, solidifying our position as an industry leader and driving sustained success."
When I joined Katahdin’s CEO Collective, I was new at the helm of a growing company, STARC Systems, and had no idea what was ahead of me. The pandemic was an unexpected boom for us. We create temporary containment solutions for renovation projects and during the height of the pandemic, our products had never been more in demand.

At this time, I recognized the crucial need for strategic guidance to navigate the evolving landscape. Turning to my CEO Collective peer group, I engaged in collaborative discussions with peers, tackling critical strategic questions such as new product positioning, building a rental business, how to manage expectations following such a significant increase and optimal business recapitalization strategies. I used Katahdin’s case process to bring my challenges and opportunities to the table and received diverse perspectives from my peers that were instrumental in shaping our company's strategic direction and fostering innovation.

Additionally, I leveraged the Strategic Ascent strategy planning program to align my team around a cohesive set of goals and initiatives. This structured approach to strategic planning aligned our team around a focused number of initiatives and gave us a roadmap to execute against our goals.

During my time in the CEO Collective, STARC Systems achieved remarkable milestones, including significant revenue growth from $10 million in 2019 to a projected $40 million in 2024, along with a substantial increase in EBITDA. Furthermore, we engaged in a recapitalization process, attracting a top-tier investor to fuel future growth initiatives and solidify our position as an industry leader.

As STARC Systems continues to innovate and excel in the renovation industry, I remain grateful for the invaluable support and resources provided by CEO Collective and Strategic Ascent, helping to drive sustained success for our company and its stakeholders. I have found the services Katahdin Group provides are just as important in the times of great success as they are in the times of great challenge. 

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