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CEO Brief: Take This CEO Self-Assessment Based on The Six Critical Success Factors for Building an Aligned, Highly Functioning and Strategic Leadership Team
December 2, 2019

For years we have encouraged our CEO colleagues to think beyond the off-site agenda and to embrace the concept of building a strategic planning process that ensures follow through. Now, we are encouraging you to take that thinking one step further.

Ask these key questions:

  1. What can and must I do to deliver on my CEO responsibility of building an aligned, highly functioning strategic leadership team?  
  2. How can our strategic planning activities contribute to the achievement of this goal?

Katahdin Group's Strategic Leaders Program is built on Six Critical Success Factors that should be considered as you thoughtfully craft your strategic planning activities.

  1. A Visibly Engaged CEO Champion
  2. A Leadership Team with Highly Functioning Executive Skills
  3. The Separate Treatment of Strategy and Operations
  4. A Set of Clear and Measurable Strategic Goals
  5. An Effective Leadership Governance Plan
  6. An Aligned and Motivated Organization

If you want a smart strategy and an exceptional team to lead the execution of such a game plan we challenge you to hold up the mirror and ask yourself the 20 CEO reflection questions in our CEO Brief The Six Critical Factors for Building an Aligned, High Functioning Strategy Leadership Team.

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