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High Engagement Drives Meaningful Results

Our CEOs are committed to showing up and giving candid feedback that helps drive your business forward.

Our CEO peer groups aren’t a social club, they are a place where CEOs can bring real issues to the table and know they will get thoughtful, candid and actional feedback from their peers — feedback that will help them to drive their businesses forward.

A highly engaged network means:

  • Our CEOs are high caliber
  • They show up to all the meetings
  • They bring their “A” game
  • They give candid feedback you can’t get anywhere else

Does connecting with 8-10 CEO peers in a structured forum where you can speak honestly and receive input resonate for you?

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"You get direct, candid, actionable feedback from 8-10 CEOs. I can go back to my leadership team and give a different viewpoint that we can leverage in our organization to help efficiency and most importantly, growth."
Dave MacKeen
Eliassen Group
Member since

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