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The CEO Collective's Proven Rigorous Process Drives Results

We aren't a social club. Our peer groups are designed to efficiently help you drive meaningful results.

Do our members build relationships that go beyond the CEO Collective meetings? Yes, definitely. But is that the focus of our peer groups? No.

Relationship happens organically. Our goal is to make the most of your time so that participating in the peer group helps you to drive results in your business.

What makes our process stand out:

  • A proven and refined case method goes deep, quick
  • Cases prepared in advance lead to the highest quality feedback
  • Required attendance drives deep engagement
  • Scorecards with strategic goals outlined

Does connecting with 8-10 CEO peers in a structured forum where you can speak honestly and receive input resonate for you?

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"Since we started using the Katahdin group, our results have improved dramatically, and we are much better at strategy. The Katahdin process is really better than any other process that I’ve found."
Chuck Cohen
Managing Director
Benco Dental
Member since

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